What does your bedroom look like? Does it resemble your college dorm room or do you have beautiful linens and flowers on your nighttable? Do you have lighting settings, a playlist of sensual music or a drawer that holds your massage oils and toys?

Your bedroom is not only where you sleep but also where you discover your body and your partners. Creating a atmosphere of sensuality doesn’t need to break the bank but it is important to create and sustain romance. I’m redecorating right now and even though I’m single, I want my room to be lush and romantic. I’m looking for artwork and I came across these beautiful paintings below. A bit risqué, but I love that the paintings are so colorful and against a pallete of muted greys and white they easily become the focal point of the room. You can feel the heat and intimacy radiating off the canvas which brings warmth and depth to the room or space.

Would you put these paintings in your room? Check back for some cheap and creative ways to invite romance and style into your room.