Creating a atmosphere of sensuality doesn’t have to be expensive, it’s all about adding a few accents to make your room cohesive and alluring. Sensory play is really important when making love, no one wants to get intimate to the smell of dirty socks or see piled up dishes at the moment of climax. So clean up! Organize your books, fold and put away your laundry, and put your dishes and junk away. 

1) Flowers: Flowers are a beautiful way to add a pop of color to your room and they smell amazing. I love peonies, they’re extremely lush, the smell amazing and the look great in a simple vase. If you can’t afford to go to a florist, pick up a few tulips or roses at your local grocery store. 


3) Candles:  Diptyque has been in the candle making business for years and their candles smell amazing even when they aren’t lit. Most of their candles are between $35-$65 and you can buy them at Nordstroms or online. If yoh want to find budget friendly candles, Bath & Body Works has great scents and they’re always having a sale. 

Pillows: I sleep with at least 6 pillows everynight, I like to feel like I’m drowning in my bed. Decorative pillows add depth and dimensions to your comforter and duvet and they also come in hand if you want to change sexual positions. 


Drapes & Window Treatments: For some, drapes are “old school” but I love that they block out the sun and the create beautiful imagery to the backdrop of your love making. Make sure that you choose a color that creates a statement and aim to use unique fabrics like brocade or velvet, they both turn any room into a sensual oasis. 

The atmosphere in which you sleep and make love is important. A few small adjustments can have a huge benefits in your overall sex life. 

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Check back later this week, I’ll be discussing how to keep the juices flowing during sex.