Life has literally exploded in my face over the last few weeks and writing has been low on my priority list. I lost my housing, my job, a few friends, some weight but the only thing that has anchored me has been the support of the dude that I love. I’ve shed some tears, banged my fists on tables and screamed but today I woke up with sense of calm, peace. and purpose. I’m crashing at my friend’s place, working on a podcast and writing as means to alleviate stress and to focus on what I actually love to do. Life isn’t perfect, to be honest, it’s quite hard right now but I have my health, loving parents and these fingers that I can use to weave stories and my voice that I can use to advocate, teach and inspire. Expect a lot from me over the next few weeks. I’ll be talking about sexual health, commitment, long term relationships, breakups, cheating, loneliness and a plethora of love centered situations.


How are you all doing?