This love affair ended with kisses and despair 

impromptu night visits, lies I can’t revisit 

your sweet taste, your loving embrace, has turned to soul crushing chains

heartsick, dismissed, looking for your face in the shadows

I can only linger, your relationship politics will always get the finger

You’re my trigger, I figured, I was different but I was like the others 

your selective memory and distance, I’m just the shell of me 

 I pretend to stand tall

all those missed call

when we broke up, the shock of it all 

bonafide distress, the chore of getting dressed, I wish i missed you less 

you’ve moved on, trying hard to recall, what we promised each other; we said we’d give our all 

lies, lies, lies, things got tough, I called your bluff, now I’m here sitting with all my fears.

broken promises, you loved me 

i still feel you 

i still need you 

 its 5am, its almost dawn, this is my war song