I nearly spewed coffee all over my computer  when I read that Angelina Jolie , resident sex-kitten had filed for divorce from boy-next door Brad Pitt after two years of marriage.
Jolie Pitt, 41, filed legal docs Monday citing irreconcilable differences, according to TMZ. She asked for physical custody of the couple’s shared six children – Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne, and Knox – asking for Pitt to be granted visitation.To be quite honest my mouth is agape. I’ve been following their relationship since Mr. & Mrs. Smith. I was happy when they started dating and scoffed at “poor vanilla Jennifer” who obviously couldn’t handle someone as sexy as Brad Pitt. Now after years of gossip fodder, beautiful children, homes in France and New Orleans, philanthropic work, movies, a wedding and cancer, it’s over. I can’t help but feeling exasperated, because the failure of their marriage points to the fact that men aren’t satisfied with anything. Now, I don’t know Brad, Jennifer or Angelina but they present themselves as the vixen and girl next door.

I thought Brad was probably bored with Jennifer because she was too uptight, too vanilla, too predictable. Angie was sexy, smart, flirty, dangerous and unpredictable and in my naiveté, I thought that would keep a man interested forever. Well, nothing keeps a man interested when he’s ready to go.
I think relationships and marriage is very hard and even two people who love each other can/will breakup. There’s no secret formula or potion to attract a life partner. Being too sweet, quiet, and available doesn’t always work. Playing hard-to-get, flirty, adventurous doesn’t fly with all guys either. There’s literally nothing you can do to increase your odds at finding a great guy so quit conforming and twisting yourself into a human pretzel. Relax, enjoy the company of others and it will happen.


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