I’m loving these IG posts showcasing interracial relationships amongst POCs. So often when we think of “interracial relationships” we tend to literally see it in black & white, it’s pretty refreshing to see love blossom between Koreans, Blacks, Filipinos, Vietnamese, East Indians, Native Indians etc. 

Are you in a interracial relationship? Has your families been accepting, or have they tried to break you up? Has Trump being in power made certain topics uncomfortable for you to discuss with your partner? Have you ever felt that your partner is with you because they festishize your culture or race? As a Black woman, dating outside of my race has been great but sometimes I wonder if people from other races are attracted to me because they see me as a “token” or not the typical Black woman that they’re used to (whatever that means). I’d love to hear your thoughts, share away in the comment section!