The weather outside is absolutely dreadful. I knew it was too balmy last night when I went to my neighborhood bodega for some mintballs and Arizona “Mucho Mango” juice! While staring out the window, I started to think about ideal vacation spots that I’d love to go with a boyfriend or husband. Would I rather lay around on a sandy beach or go sight-seeing? Would I rather stay in a luxurious hotel or stay in a hostel with other travelers. Would I rather eat food that I recognize or eat the delights of a foreign country? So many questions. What’s your ideal vacation and have you ever traveled with a lover? Growing up, I was cautioned that ladies don’t vacation with men who aren’t their husbands but I think that’s absolute bullshit. I think it’s great to discover new things and places with someone you care about. Also it’s a great way to see how your partner handles stress. Connecting flights, TSA pat-downs, and gross airport food can bring out the beast in people. When building something long-term its important to see the unpleasant traits of your partner. 

Where have you travelled and where would you love to go?