these couples broke up last year! are you sexting? Thoughts?

I had a date last weekend and it was glorious! Great food and better conversation. I’ve always wanted to try Yardhouse and I’m so glad I was able to share a delicious meal with a cutie. We walked around for a bit to work up a appetite, popping into a few stores and listening to live music. Yardhouse was packed! Lots of happy couples on dates, families and hipsters laughing and sipping at the bar. My only minor complaint is that though the atmosphere was dark and sexy, the lack of light was a bit challenging for me. It was hard to see the menu and I may have dropped the fork once or seven times LOL. 

My date had the Black Truffle Cheeseburger with onion rings, I had the Lamb Burger with Tuffle fries and we shared the Firecracker Wings and Shitake Garlic Noodles. Dinner came up to about $65 and our server was awesome!  (I typically don’t eat wings on dates but YOLO) 

What’s your favourite restaurant for a first date? 

Check out Yardhouse and their delicious menu here ->

WHAT IN THE WORLD #fianceegonemad

I love love love this video from Evette James, not only is she hilarious but she’s right on the nose about men who love to use the term “we’re just cool.’ I think being cool is fine but there comes a point in a relationship that cool should turn into commitment. This dude is oblivious to all the things that his girlfriend does for him and with him and if he’s uncomfortable letting people know that he’s in a committed relationship, he needs to go. I’ve never been the type to wash clothes, cook, or spend time with my boyfriends family before commitment. Not that I don’t want to do those kind of things for the person I like, but I’ve been taken advantage of before and I’m careful not to do girlfriend things in the dating stage. The “hook up culture” has completely annihilated the dating stage and it’s my mission to re-introduce it to people that I give love advice to. I love the dating stage, getting to know someone is wonderful and the more time we invest in that stage the better the foundation to build on.

Check out the video and you can find more of her work here

xoxo TRW

I normally only speak about romantic relationships here but as I grow emotionally, I’m beginning to focus on all aspects of my relationships. To be honest, maintaining relationships have always been challenging for me. I used to blame it on picking the wrong friends, but that’s lazy and I have to own my shit. Truth of the matter is, I’m not a great friend. I’m bad with details, I need a lot of space and I don’t like to catch up. I’ve struggled to change these traits and I’ve come to the place where I’m happy with my quirks but my friends often comment about how isolating our friendship can be for them. 

My relationships with my friends are tricky but even press with my family. Over the weekend, I had a huge fight with a family member and I often wonder if I’m the only one who doesn’t want a personal or loving relationship with their family. I know that family is important and that family is all I have at the end of the day…but… my family can be incredibly draining and dealing with the intricacies of each persons personality is excruciating for me. I see now why people avoid family events like the plague. As I slowly detach from mine, feelings of uncertainty and fear are slowly creeping in but I’m committed to being around people who love me despite myself and who wish me well. 

Are you lose with your family? How do you handle conflict with them? 



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