So, Victor Cruz’s fiancé Elaina Watley sent out a mass text to his side-chicks yesterday. 

I have NEVER heard of anything like this in my life. I know that dating is hard and the older we get the more some of us are longing for marriage. 

This is ridiculous and I’m embarrassed for Elaina. I’m not even worried about the side-chicks, I’m more distressed about her total lack of self-worth. When did it become ok for our partners to openly cheat? Who started the trend where we text and communicate with side-chicks? This is the making of a tumultuous marriage and I hope she and Victor either get counseling or break up.

Once we allow our partners to devalue us it creates a downward spiral of doubt and loathing. No relationship is that precious to keep if it means allowing a partner to roam and graze at their free will. I believe in second chances but I also believe in dealing with the reality of the situation and choosing self over self-destruction. 

I hope Eliana wakes up, that those sleeping with Victor in random hotels wake up and that if you’re reading this and you’re with an unfaithful partner that you choose yourself. It’s difficult and often times scary to leave and let’s be honest, expensive but I believe wholeheartedly that it’s better to struggle alone than be disrespected by someone who doesn’t want you. 

Have you ever been cheated on? Did you stay or leave? 



This is such a sad situation. Though the details are scarce, Jim did confirm that his ex-girlfriend chose to end her life a few days ago. Now that she’s gone, there’s so many questions her loved ones are left with. It’s easy and childish to blame Jim Carey for her death but I’m sure if we look back in her life we’ll find clues to her detoriating mental health and their breakup probably pushed her over the edge. I was talking to a friend about coping mechanisms that I use while experiencing a breakup over the weekend.  I typically eat, a lot. Which is definitely unhealthy but I’m not a big crier and I love food so I use it as my excuse to indulge. How do you cope? Does the breakup hit you at once or does the effects of it hit you weeks after? Do you hibernate or do you surround yourself with friends? Do you throw yourself into an activity to distract you or do you wallow in self-pity? 

I’d love to hear from you about this and in the meantime, if you’re experiencing suicidal thoughts PLEASE contact 1-800-273-TALK(8255) 
Sending my love and good thoughts your way



This is me to the core. I get so consumed with the possibility of breaking up, that I can’t enjoy the beautiful phases of getting to know someone. I’m not sure why relationships make me feel so anxious. It might be due to my parents divorce, or sabotaging my relationship with my one true love. But, the thought of being with someone long-term terrifies me to the point where most of relationships are conducted with people who don’t have access to me. I thrive on text messages, but clam up in person. I actively seek to ruin relationships when they’re on the precipice of commitment. I feel too damaged to commit myself completely. I don’t want anyone to see my flaws, blemishes, and mistakes. I’d rather be stared at than undressed. I’d rather kiss in poorly lit corners than meet parents. I’m more comfortable eating alone than around a large table of in-laws. I’ve always been like this, it’s exhausting but it’s who I am for now, hopefully. 
Over the next few weeks in going to go with the flow and let things unfold naturally. I met someone recently, who seems nice but I’m not going to project my worries on him or psychology-analyze everything. I’m just going to take deep breaths and be active in getting to know him. I expect nothing. 

Does anyone else feel this way? NEW POST


 Long story short, I moved out of my apartment and stayed by a friends house on Friday night. That was mistake number one. I didn’t know him that well but he seemed nice and I enjoyed his company. We kept our conversations light and he was willing to help me find a new place to live. I was incredibly thankful, as I don’t know much people in Maryland. Just as I was settling in for a much needed nights rest, he asked me if he could tell me something. He proceeded to tell me that he wants to start a relationship and that he thinks that we’re very compatible. I have absolutely NO IDEA where that came from, because we haven’t spent any time together. I told him the truth, that I’m not interested in a relationship and quite frankly, I’m in the midst of a personal crisis. I can’t manage anyone’s feelings right now. I don’t even have pillows. It turned a evening between friends into a awkward situation and instead of a peaceful night’s rest, I tossed and turned. 
After meeting with some friends for breakfast the next morning, I went to his place to get my stuff. I could tell he was upset or maybe hurt but he told me I could stay for one more night, so I thought he’d be happy to see me go. I got my stuff and promised to call him later that day. Well, he beat me to the punch. He cursed me the hell out! He told me that my friends rescued me from the hood and we were judging him and I was being disrespectful. I was caught of guard because this was someone who prayed for me and spoke to my Mom to ensure her that he’s a “good guy.” If the motive was to get me into a place, he should have been happy for me. It’s obvious that he had ulterior motives. I’m not even upset that he expressed his feelings towards me, I’m more concerned that he flew off the handle when it wasn’t reciprocated. 

I don’t owe anyone my affection. I’m not here to satisfy anyone’s needs or desires. Yes, I must be careful with people’s feelings and treat them well, but ultimately I choose who I share my love with. You can’t bully anyone into dating you. You can’t force people to share their lives with you. Emotionally maturity will allow you to see that someone not wanting to date you, doesn’t take away from your value. It’s actually a blessing when someone is honest about their intentions towards you. As you date and look for love, I advise you to be honest about your “life situation” and look over the inventory of your love supply. Can you adequately supply someone with the love they deserve? if you can’t, be honest and pause. 

My love tank is empty, but are you ready for love? 

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it;s hard to stop going back to someone who doesn’t love you, but you must stop the cycle for your own emotional health.


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