How often do you need to hear from the person you’re dating? I think hearing from them everyday is important but I understand that with life, work, children, and other commitments that may be challenging. I long for the days when you could stay up all night and talk to the person you were interested in. I love the “getting to know you” phase in the very beginning. Reading the chapters of people’s lives and finding out about their nuiances, what makes them tick and smile. I’ve known the person that I like right now, for years but it feels in many ways that I’m getting to know him for the first time. I chalk it up to my immaturity and conversations that lacked depth because of my fear of commitment. I’m facing my fears with him, I’m scared that he may hurt me but I trust myself enough to know that if he does I’m strong enough to deal with it

I haven’t heard from him today, do you think its too late to call?


I was talking to a friend about a guy who has been telling me that he loves me for the last 15 years. His words are flowery, his texts full of compliments and his voice is peppered with inflection and syncopation when he speaks about how much he misses me and wants to spend his life with me. I don’t believe him though. Not a word of it. His love is as fluffy as the snow draped over New York right now. Beautiful to look at, pretty to see, but in reality cold, meaningless and lots of work to get through.

I think he thinks he loves me but his actions don’t speak life to his words. He’s been making promises for years and he’s so good at it, that I think he’s beginning to believe his own lies. He has no intention on buying me a ring, buying a house together or loving me completely. He instead likes to text me late at night, send me emoticons and promise me things that he knows he can’t deliver.

I’m surprised he’s not exhausted from playing this game. I smile, nod and reply with words of affirmation, cheering him on as he lies to me about where he is and who he’s dating. It’s a dance that we play, and as much as I know how each scene will play out, I keep up the charade and make excuses as to why he disappears right before holidays and planned meet-ups.

Often I wonder who the bigger liar is, me or him. We have all these words and there’s no substance.

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If you win the Powerball tonight and you’re in a relationship with someone do you plan to continue to get to know them or will you drop them like a hot potato?IMG_8171 I like somene right now but I’d be worried that he’d only want to keep getting to know because of all the money I just won. I mean what kind of dates would we go on? A quick trip to Italy or the Moon?


 This meme has been circulating on Twitter and tumblr and I’m interested in your thoughts.   

The girl who always got suspended for talking back.

The girl who always got suspended for talking back. by topaz-yolande-mckenzie featuring a black backpack

Black sweater

Pleated skirt
$97 –

Short boots
$1,115 –

Lips makeup
$34 –


So Auntie Viv lost her mind and decided to insinuate that her ex boyfriend 50 cents is a “bootysnatcher” aka gay. Everyone knows that 50 Cents is the literal king of petty. He’s vicious and nothing is off bounds for him. I’m not sure what she was thinking but I’m lifting her prayer as she waits for his verbal onslaught. They broke up in 2003, she needs to let it go!

Did your parents divorce affect the way you view your relationships? #divorce #relationships


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