Keeping your vagina juicy isn’t just for your sexual pleasure but it’s also important for your health and well-being. I’m no vagina guru but there are some tips that I’ve picked up along the way, that I’m excited to share with you. I like to cleanse and heal my body from the inside so these tips will help with overall health too.

To keep hydrated you have to drink lots of water! I drink a gallon of water a day and I always add Apple Cider Vinegar and lemon slices. ACV is great for balancing the PH in your body and lemon detoxes your body. Adding a bit of real maple syrup will help cut the tart taste.

The saying “you are what you eat” is real when it comes to your vagina. Junk food and processed foods make you susceptible to candida and poor gut health which affects your vagina. Having a snack once and awhile is fine but try to eat a diet that consists of fruit and veggies.

Deep stretching and regular exercise is important for keeping you limber but it’s also great for your vagina. Focus on doing at least 50 squats and 3 minutes of bridges daily to tighten your pelvic floor, 3 minutes of bridges daily for pelvic health and don’t forget your kegels.

(I’m doing them as I type)

Skip the feminine washes and perfumed bodywashes. Lukewarm water is enough to cleanse your vagina amd vulva. To give your vagina a real treat you should try vagina steaming. There’s lots of spas that do itbht its quite easy to do at home. Vagina steams are a ancient Maya ritual that uses mixed herbs to cleanse and rejuvenate your vagina.

Click here to check out a video on how to do a DIY vagina steam

Pussy Potion

The name is a bit crass but the juice works wonders for your vagina especially if you love getting oral sex. Making my “Pussy Potion” is super easy too! I mix equals parts cranberry and pineapple juice. Not only is it delicious but after two weeks of drinking my potion your vagina juices will taste sweet.

If you follow these easy tips your vagina will be in tip top condition and your lover will thank you!

trw xoxo


Wether you’re hitting the bed solo or about to explore your lover, let this song waft over you. Put in on repeat to heighten your senses, kiss deeply, allow your hands to roam. let the music take you away to a place where your inhibitions have no strong holds and where your lust and passion are the nucleus of your bodies expression.


what’s your favorite song to make love to?


trw xxx

Creating a atmosphere of sensuality doesn’t have to be expensive, it’s all about adding a few accents to make your room cohesive and alluring. Sensory play is really important when making love, no one wants to get intimate to the smell of dirty socks or see piled up dishes at the moment of climax. So clean up! Organize your books, fold and put away your laundry, and put your dishes and junk away. 

1) Flowers: Flowers are a beautiful way to add a pop of color to your room and they smell amazing. I love peonies, they’re extremely lush, the smell amazing and the look great in a simple vase. If you can’t afford to go to a florist, pick up a few tulips or roses at your local grocery store. 


3) Candles:  Diptyque has been in the candle making business for years and their candles smell amazing even when they aren’t lit. Most of their candles are between $35-$65 and you can buy them at Nordstroms or online. If yoh want to find budget friendly candles, Bath & Body Works has great scents and they’re always having a sale. 

Pillows: I sleep with at least 6 pillows everynight, I like to feel like I’m drowning in my bed. Decorative pillows add depth and dimensions to your comforter and duvet and they also come in hand if you want to change sexual positions. 


Drapes & Window Treatments: For some, drapes are “old school” but I love that they block out the sun and the create beautiful imagery to the backdrop of your love making. Make sure that you choose a color that creates a statement and aim to use unique fabrics like brocade or velvet, they both turn any room into a sensual oasis. 

The atmosphere in which you sleep and make love is important. A few small adjustments can have a huge benefits in your overall sex life. 

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Check back later this week, I’ll be discussing how to keep the juices flowing during sex. 

 My topics are a bit racier there 😉 

What does your bedroom look like? Does it resemble your college dorm room or do you have beautiful linens and flowers on your nighttable? Do you have lighting settings, a playlist of sensual music or a drawer that holds your massage oils and toys?

Your bedroom is not only where you sleep but also where you discover your body and your partners. Creating a atmosphere of sensuality doesn’t need to break the bank but it is important to create and sustain romance. I’m redecorating right now and even though I’m single, I want my room to be lush and romantic. I’m looking for artwork and I came across these beautiful paintings below. A bit risqué, but I love that the paintings are so colorful and against a pallete of muted greys and white they easily become the focal point of the room. You can feel the heat and intimacy radiating off the canvas which brings warmth and depth to the room or space.

Would you put these paintings in your room? Check back for some cheap and creative ways to invite romance and style into your room.






I was reminded today that some men want you for your body but have no intentions on supporting your emotional well-being. I’ve always known that in theory, but the glaring realty of it slapped me upside my head this morning. I wasn’t hurt but more insistent that I share my time with people who actually love me. I have no time for fair-weather lovers who only love my shape, my lips, my laugh but can’t  find it in themselves to hug me when I’m stressed, offer a helping hand when I’m drowning or even simply pray for me when I’m at a crossroad. This is why I tell my girlfriends that building your worth on the foundation of a man’s affection is dangerous. That foundation might cave in and you’ll find yourself submerged with his well wishes and kind sentiments.

I’m thankful that my request was deemed as a nuisance to him and I’m also glad that I made the decision to leave. I wasn’t sure at first because like a shoe, he fit ok, but after a few miles, like a shoe, he started to pinch. He was great when nothing was asked of him and no sacrifices had to be made, but in the end like a shoe, he was just nice to look at but deteriorated when real motion took place.

If you have any questions about love and you need advice, feel free to email me at My ears are available 24/7




Worse if he doesn’t have wifi or snacks!


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