I’m loving these IG posts showcasing interracial relationships amongst POCs. So often when we think of “interracial relationships” we tend to literally see it in black & white, it’s pretty refreshing to see love blossom between Koreans, Blacks, Filipinos, Vietnamese, East Indians, Native Indians etc. 

Are you in a interracial relationship? Has your families been accepting, or have they tried to break you up? Has Trump being in power made certain topics uncomfortable for you to discuss with your partner? Have you ever felt that your partner is with you because they festishize your culture or race? As a Black woman, dating outside of my race has been great but sometimes I wonder if people from other races are attracted to me because they see me as a “token” or not the typical Black woman that they’re used to (whatever that means). I’d love to hear your thoughts, share away in the comment section! 

Pastor: Tonight, we are praying for relationships. If you’re happy in your relationship, come to the altar. If your relationship is falling apart, come to the altar. Me: *keeps bum planted firmly in pew* 

Pastor: Sister Topaz, why are you sitting down? Did you not hear the call? 

Me: Oh, I did. I’m not in a relationship

Pastor: You are not in a relationship? 

Me: No

Pastor: What you are saying is that you are not in a relationship? 

Me: No, Pastor. I am not in a relationship 

Pastor: So are you saying that there is no one that you are texting in the evening time? 

Topaz: Well, I-

Pastor: No one in your inbox wanting to spend time with you? 

Topaz: Well, technically-

Pastor: I think you need to come to the altar, you are confused and you need extra prayer

Me: *slithers to the altar* 


I’m not sure why I attract wishy-washy, all-over-the-place, can’t connect a to b, time-wasting, egomaniacal men? Like, leave me alone! The silver-lining in this is that I can now detect bullshit coming from a mile away. At one point it would have taken me months to see a guys true intention but my third-eye has now been opened and I peep game from 2 weeks in. I wish I could just find a nice guy who likes to go to the movies, take walks and hit up musesums on the weekend! Why is this so hard? 😂 
What are the top 3 things you’re looking for in a partner, right now? Are you dating anyone now? Did you celebrate Valentines Day together? 

I was drinking some water and it went down the wrong passage and I spent maybe 2 minutes trying not to die. This is the reason marriage exists. It’s not for love, companionship, covenant or having a movie partner, it’s for someone to pat your back rapidly for you when you’re near death. #yousleepaloneyoudiealone

Why do I always attract white men who want to repel, climb, and flip off of things on our first date? Why do we have to die on our first date, Chad? It’s Black History Month, I don’t have Obamacare and you want to go mountain biking and foraging on Saturday afternoon. Why can’t we ease into the extreme adventures? Can we go to the park, maybe Starbucks, try some Baklava or catch a movie? Why do I have to rent shin and wrist pads to hang out with you? Stop it, Chad.